Rock In Peace Chris Cornell

19 May, 2017
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19 May, 2017 Matt

It doesn’t happen often to be honest but just before I walked into this photo pit I was feeling both excited and nervous. Probably more nervous than excited actually but hell, I was about to photograph Soundgarden after all.

Alright, so I’ll admit that I’ve never been a massive fan, but I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to take photos of a band that quite frankly, helped pave the way for the grunge sound and all those that would follow.

Chris Cornell was a master of his art, and he had each person in the venue that night held captive with every sweet note that spilt out of him.

The title of “Legend” gets thrown around a lot these days but I’d be damned if Chris isn’t worthy of it, and I always considered it a privilege to have been in that Soundgarden photo pit.

Last night the news of Chris Cornell’s death at the age of only 52 swept across every social media channel and I, like many, just had to stop for a moment to let that terrible information sink in.

He will be missed, but his legacy will certainly not be forgotten.

Rock In Peace Chris.

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