Placebo at Margaret Court Arena

29 September, 2017
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29 September, 2017 Matt

Placebo is certainly a band that I know, and I can even recognise some of their songs when I hear them on the radio, but they were never a band that I got immersed in for some reason.

I didn’t know that they were still an active band, to be honest, and I underestimated just how big their fan base was until I went to this show. I went in with my head in the sand actually, but I can assure you that they are still just as relevant today as they were ‘back in the day’.

Having said all of that though, I enjoyed the show but left feeling disappointed that their stage presence was all but non-existent. Well, at least it was for the first three songs anyway, but it just didn’t make for any photos with a lot of wow factor.

Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with the results but all of the photos look very similar, and yeah, that happens sometimes. Not every band can conquer the stage like Iron Maiden or Slipknot I guess.

Credit where it’s due though, Brian Molko did have to cancel the previous show due to illness so big props to him for getting back out there even if he was obviously, not at his best.

From what I heard though, the punters loved it, and in the end, that is what matters not the opinion of some random photographer huh?

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media



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