Rain Soaked Neon Reflections & Two Dollar Peeps

24 June, 2017
24 June, 2017 Matt

It was raining in the city last night, there were reflections everywhere and if you took the time to stop, even for a moment you’d find some beautiful grime in the corners most people usually rush past.

I must have walked past this alley a hundred times, and every time I tell myself that I’ll stop on my way back to take a few shots but never followed up on it.

Last night was no different, and even though it was heading towards the witching hour and I had been awake for almost twenty-four hours by that stage, the reflections and colours of the glowing neon sign stopped me dead in my tracks.

It only took me maybe three or four minutes, and I snapped just a handful of shots with my trusty dinosaur before continuing on my way, and luckily one of them was pretty good.

One is enough though.

Two Dollar Peeps

Use the slider on the photo above to see the original and the edited version.

For anyone interested in knowing how the editing was done, it was inside of Lightroom using the basic sliders and couple of adjustment brushes to help me tone down the brightly lit doorway on the left and in the centre.

Then I jumped it into NIK Software, Analog Efex Pro 2 real quick to add a little bokeh (blur) to the edges and a touch of grain.

That’s about it. From start to finish, maybe 10 minutes spent editing a shot that wasn’t planned or well-considered at all and sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Below is a black and white variation I also made entirely in Lightroom just to see how it looked as a comparison but I think that I like the feel of the coloured version.

Rain Soaked Neon Reflections & Two Dollar Peeps

I’m continually reminding myself… ‘keep it simple stupid’.

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