Muse at Rod Laver Arena

30 October, 2017
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30 October, 2017 Matt

Covering Muse at Rod Laver Arena back in 2013 was a big deal for me and not just because they were one of the biggest gigs to come through Melbourne that year.

This gig was a first for me on two different levels. The first being that it was my first time covering an arena gig of this magnitude and secondly because I had just received my new Black Rapid strap and was eager to test it out.

Now, here’s where things went pear-shaped.

I was so excited and nervous that when I packed my gear, I forgot the little fasteners that held my cameras onto the new black rapid straps!

Not a big deal really but at the time it threw me off my game and consequently, I walked away from the gig disappointed with my photos because I spent half the time fighting with my equipment and I missed some critical shots because of it.

Sometimes the best lessons are learnt the hard way but let me tell you, that’s a mistake that I’ve not made again.

Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to make up for it when they roll through town again later this year, and you can bet your ass, I’ll be bringing my A-Game with me this time.

Photographed for The Dwarf


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