Using Megapixels To Overcome The Distance Issue

8 October, 2017
8 October, 2017 Matt

I recently covered the talented Alison Moyet at Rod Laver Arena here in Melbourne but there was a catch, I had to shoot it from the sound board instead of from inside the photo pit and the longest lens I have is a 200mm. No Problem.

I did get asked to photograph this show on short notice as the previously assigned person had some equipment malfunction and typically when we shoot from the back of the house; the ‘go to’ lens is a 400mm which I don’t have.

Ideally, I would have borrowed one or perhaps rented one, but due to the time factor, I just didn’t have the time to arrange it. So, I needed to work my way through the problem.

My plan was somewhat risky, yet simple. I was going to use my full frame Canon 1Ds3 which has a substantial 21 megapixels fitted with my Sigma 200mm f/2.8 lens to get beautiful, clean shots.

I’d then be able to crop them down substantially in post-production and make it appear as though I was closer.

Now I’ve never used this technique before, and in theory, it sounded very plausible so when I got back to the studio and saw the results, I was thrilled.

Personally, I think that if I wasn’t cautious, it could have been done very poorly and looked much worse. The trick for me was not to over-crop the images to the point where image quality suffered too much.

It’s not the gear but the person using it, is a mantra I’ve heard many times in the past and if you stop long enough to think through the problems you can often find a perfectly reasonable solution using the gear available to you.

Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and trust in yourself.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

(L) Uncropped photo (R) Cropped photo
(L) Uncropped photo (R) Cropped photo

My trusty Canon 1Ds3 camera and the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens
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