Let’s Get Vertical

4 October, 2017
4 October, 2017 Matt

It’s incredible to think about the number of photos I have that rarely get shown and for a good number of them, it’s the vertical ones, the photos I’ve taken in a portrait orientation opposed to the more screen friendly horizontal or landscape variety.

Isn’t it funny how the way we view images tends to dictate the way we take them or display them to the world?

Well, it might not be that interesting to most people, and it doesn’t keep me awake at night, but it is something I think about when scrolling through my catalogue and I notice a shot I like, but it continually gets passed over because it’s vertical.

So, here’s a handful of shots that really shouldn’t be hidden away.

(L) Crossfaith before stepping on stage at Soundwave. (R) Mimsy of Trailer Trash at the Melbourne Tattoo Festival.

(L) Slash at Festival Hall. (R) Urban Art.

(L) Anthony of Desert Highways giving me ‘the horns’. (R) Studio portrait of Miss Cherry Martini.

(L) Daliah Black in a random Melbourne alley. (R) Antagonist AD at the inaugural UNIFY festival.

(L) Marilyn Manson at Soundwave. (R) My little girl just being herself.

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