Killer Be Killed at Soundwave Festival 2015

8 June, 2017
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8 June, 2017 Matt

You just have to keep testing the waters and adjusting the processes you’re using in order to keep moving forward and if you’re clever enough, learn from your mistakes rather than just repeating them.

Okay, so I’m always going to be my worst critic and that won’t change any time soon but I had to go back and look at some old festival photos recently and what I saw made me cringe just a little bit.

None the less, the photos had to go out so that either meant I would have to leave them as they were or spend a couple of hours re-editing.

Needless to say I chose the later and thank god I did.

Use the slider on the photo above to see the original 2015 edit and the redone 2017 version.

What do you think of both versions?
What stands out to you and am I being a bit hard on myself?
Which one do you prefer?

Let me know in the comments below. I’m genuinely interested in hearing what you think.

Here’s some of the others I re-edited as well. It really was a ‘killer’ set and I’m stoked that I was there to capture it.

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