Green Day at Rod Laver Arena

6 May, 2017
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6 May, 2017 Matt

Green Day were definitely not near the top of my list of bands that I wanted to shoot and sure, I know their music and of course it gets played quite a lot in my house thanks to my eldest daughter who adores this band but man… they are a fucking dynamic live act to see!

As I expected it would be, the lighting was perfect and the rock poses were on point and plentiful but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much I was going to enjoy the experience. Maybe it’s been a while since a band has blown me away like this but to say that I’ve got a new outlook on Green Day would be a gross under statement.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t stay to enjoy the entire show but it’s fair to say that what I did experience, certainly left an impression on me.

Photographed for Heavy

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