9 March, 2014 Matt

DeadMau5 at Future Music Festival

I think it’s pretty clear that I am not a massive fan of EDM but when the opportunity presented itself, how could I say no to shooting Future Music Festival? To be totally honest, it was DeadMau5 as the headline act that got my attention and I wasn’t disappointed!

The one thing that stand out about this festival was just how fucking hot it was and when you factor in the gear I was carrying and the gazillion raving fans I had to push my way through to get anywhere, it made for a hard days work.

Shooting DeadMau5 at the end of the night was from the soundboard only which was a first for me but the reasons why became apparent very quickly. All of the detail would have certainly been lost if I was shooting from the pit.

I had a lot of fun though so it’s a shame that the festival got cancelled.

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