GTM 2017 Crowd Shots

Apart from the obvious, my favourite thing about working at festivals are photographing the people in the crowd. As someone who started shooting photos as a portrait guy this kind of environment is a figurative smorgasbord of awesome subject matter.

All of the photos in this post were taken at the recent Groovin The Moo festival and within a three-hour period between 2 and 5pm when the light was just beautifully diffused through the cloud cover. Combining that with some of the light spilling off the stage and it made for a fantastic combination.

The other benefit of shooting at an event like this, is that almost everyone actually wants you to take their photo which really helps.

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Groovin The Moo

This was my first year attending Groovin The Moo at Bendigo Showgrounds and I couldn’t wait to get busy because thinking about it, this was the first festival I had photographed since the last Soundwave back in 2015.

There were a couple of real draw cards for me that I was very keen to see such as Violent Soho, The Wombats, Architects, The Smith Street Band, Against Me! and The Darkness. I was also super keen to be finally seeing Tash Sultana however she had to cancel last minute due to illness which was a bummer but understandable.

The good thing about a festival like this one is the opportunity to discover new artists and for me that meant Amy Shark (who filled in for Tash Sultana), K.Flay and Jungle Giants.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

Violent Soho

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2017 Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival

I was asked back to cover the Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival again for Desert Highway and it’s always an event that I love going back to each year because there is something awesome about a space full with creative souls.

This year I had the entire day set aside to cover this festival (which actually spans three) and while that did mean I could pace myself and stop to enjoy some of it without my camera, I think that after about six hours and probably a dozen laps calling it a day wasn’t a bad thing.

There were a lot of very cool tattoos being done on the day and it was exciting to come back a couple of times to see the progress. I also managed to chat with some very talented artists, make some new friends and catch up with some familiar faces which is always awesome.

Photographed for Desert Highways


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DeadMau5 at Future Music Festival

I think it’s pretty clear that I am not a massive fan of EDM but when the opportunity presented itself, how could I say no to shooting Future Music Festival? To be totally honest, it was DeadMau5 as the headline act that got my attention and I wasn’t disappointed!

The one thing that stand out about this festival was just how fucking hot it was and when you factor in the gear I was carrying and the gazillion raving fans I had to push my way through to get anywhere, it made for a hard days work.

Shooting DeadMau5 at the end of the night was from the soundboard only which was a first for me but the reasons why became apparent very quickly. All of the detail would have certainly been lost if I was shooting from the pit.

I had a lot of fun though so it’s a shame that the festival got cancelled.

Photographed for

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