Rock In Peace Chris Cornell

It doesn’t happen often to be honest but just before I walked into this photo pit I was feeling both excited and nervous. Probably more nervous than excited actually but hell,  I was about to photograph Soundgarden after all.

Alright, so I’ll admit that I’ve never been a massive fan but I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to take photos of a band that quite frankly, helped pave the way for the grunge sound and all those that would follow.

Chris Cornell was a master of his art and he had each person in the venue that night held captive with every sweet note that spilled out of him.

The title of “Legend” gets thrown around a lot these days but I’ll be damned of Chris isn’t worthy of it and I always considered it a privilege to have been in that Soundgarden photo pit.

Last night the news of Chris Cornell’s death at the age of only 52 swept across every social media channel and I, like many, just had to stop for a moment to let that terrible information sink in.

He will definitely be missed but his legacy will certainly not be forgotten.

Rock In Peace Chris.

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Green Day at Rod Laver Arena

Green Day were definitely not near the top of my list of bands that I wanted to shoot and sure, I know their music and of course it gets played quite a lot in my house thanks to my eldest daughter who adores this band but man… they are a fucking dynamic live act to see!

As I expected it would be, the lighting was perfect and the rock poses were on point and plentiful but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much I was going to enjoy the experience. Maybe it’s been a while since a band has blown me away like this but to say that I’ve got a new outlook on Green Day would be a gross under statement.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t stay to enjoy the entire show but it’s fair to say that what I did experience, certainly left an impression on me.

Photographed for Heavy

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Patti Smith at Hamer Hall

There aren’t many occasions where I would drop everything on very short notice just to go and shoot three songs of a concert but when I was asked to do just that by my friends at Silver Tiger Media for the Patti Smith’s show at Hamer Hall, it didn’t take much to convince me to haul ass.

Patti was here performing as part of a 40 year anniversary of her seminal album ‘Horses’ plus it was also the very last time she would be touring our shores again. This was more than just a concert, this was a historical event as far as I’m concerned and I’m so very grateful for having the chance to be there to photograph it.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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iPrevail at the Corner Hotel

I hadn’t heard of iPrevail until I saw their video for ‘Scars’ pop up in my Facebook feed and I remember liking it almost immediately. So when I heard that they were coming to town, I knew I wanted to be there to see them live.

The Corner Hotel isn’t a massive venue and the stage can get pretty crowded with just a normal four piece band up there so it was going to be interesting to see how the six members were going to fit without having to stand like statues.

To their credit, they pulled off an incredibly high energy gig and I’d honestly love to see them come back and play in a bigger venue. I think they would definitely benefit from having some room to move around.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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Twenty One Pilots at Rod Laver Arena

This was a difficult concert to shoot because the stage lighting was so low and the photo pit quickly became crowded with extra security because the crowd broke the barrier and they were trying to keep the crowd from rushing the stage.

Never under estimate the passion of music fans!

So, there was just a lot going on both in front and behind me and while I’m not super hyped about the way these photos turned out it was certainly a show I won’t forget any time soon.

I hope it’s not too long before they come back because I’d like a chance for a do-over.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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The Specials at Melbourne Zoo

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was asked to shoot The Specials, mainly because I didn’t know who they were at all.

Needless to say that I cracked Google open and did a very quick search to see what kind of visuals I might expect (the music is actually not all that important when you’re taking photos) and most of the photos I came across were of the guitarist Lyndal Golding who seemed to be quick photogenic.

Sometimes is doesn’t hurt not to know too much before stepping into the photo pit. I helps to keep things interesting.

Photographed for Music World Media

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The Living End at Melbourne Zoo

The Living End have been one of those bands in the upper reaches of my “to-do” list and to finally get the chance to photograph them was pretty special and to shoot them playing at Melbourne Zoo was just the icing on the cake.

The word came down from backstage that they were going to split their set into two  halves, an acoustic and an electric one and we were allowed to shoot the standard three for each set which was awesome. Then we were permitted to shoot the concert from the crowd if we wished and that almost never happens.

Of course when I think about a live Living End performance, that beautiful big ass double bass is one of the things I wanted to focus on because I don’t get the opportunity to shoot them often.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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Killing Heidi at Melbourne Zoo

Originally formed in 1996 and after a ten-year hiatus, Killing Heidi are starting to do the rounds again and I was pretty stoked being able to photograph their show at the Melbourne Zoo.

Back in the day you couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing either of their bigger commercial hits, ‘Mascara’ or ‘Weir’ so it was very sweet to finally hear these two songs in particular being played live and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

This is one Aussie band that seem to have improved with age and I really hope they bring out something new and start touring again.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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Hoodoo Gurus at Melbourne Zoo

I seem to have spent quite a bit of time at Melbourne Zoo snapping concerts rather than the animals this month and here I was again to capture a band that has always been very high on my radar, the legendary Hoodoo Gurus.

The twilight series of concerts has been a very welcome start to my year because they are rarely over crowded with other photographers and the lighting has just been incredible to work with. To say it has made the job super easy would be an understatement even if there were still a few hurdles to jump.

A real highlight for me was being able to share this concert with my wife and I couldn’t sing loud enough when they played ‘1000 Miles Away’ which is one of my favs.

Photographed for Silver Tiger Media

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Falling In Reverse at 170 Russell

There were two main reasons I wanted to shoot Falling In Reverse and they were because my youngest daughter loves the band and I really enjoy their song “I’m Not A Vampire”

Other than that I don’t know too many other songs, at least by name anyway but they did put on a fantastic gig and the fans that crowded the venue certainly enjoyed it as well.

The energy was great, the lighting was awesome and I just had a great time working at this show plus I found a couple of new songs that I really liked as well which is always cool.

Photographed for Heavy

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