The View From A Different Pit

We all know that the photo pit at concerts is where I love to be but there is another kind of pit that has a great view as well.

I’ve only ever been to a few race days, a couple of times at Eastern Creek in Sydney and once at Phillip Island in Victoria but each time I seemed to spend more time wandering around the garages (pit area) than I do actually watching the races.

Sure the cars are awesome but for me there is just as much, if not more to see in the garages. I’ve always loved peaking behind the curtain and seeing what goes on behind the scenes and this is such a great opportunity, especially when you’ve got a camera with you.

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BTS With Pierce The Veil

Getting to photograph behind the scenes is something I really enjoy doing, mainly because it gives me the unique opportunity to see something like the recording of a video interview with Pierce The Veil for Heavy (for example) from a completely different perspective.

It also affords me the ability to slow down and really look for shots opposed to being so totally out of control like I normally while shooting a concert from the photo pit.

I’m constantly amazed at the things I get to do or be a part of just because I have a camera, it’s pretty cool.

Photographed for Heavy

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Doing Personal Work With Disney Infinity

Doing personal work, stuff that really only means that you can let your mind open up is the fuel that keeps creatives moving in the right direction and photographers are no different.

These photos of my daughter Disney Infinity figurines were taken on Christmas day while everyone else in the house was in various states of a food coma and I had some beautiful natural light streaming through the studio window.

No pressure, no expectations and I think I may have spent about an hour just playing around with both my camera and the processing and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

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