At some point around 2006 I picked up a camera to help out at work. Nothing exciting from memory, just a few snaps that needed to be shot for one reason or another but that’s all it took and from that moment on I knew in my heart that I’d found my ‘instrument’ and I haven’t put it down since.

Taking photos of people is what I enjoy the most, being able to capture that human connection, the emotion or the soul is the most humbling of tasks and I have spent years watching and waiting with my camera at the ready. Portraits are what I enjoy taking the most but capturing live music is my passion.

It’s the toughest kind of work you can do with a camera in my opinion and this is just one reason why I love doing it so much. People might think that it’s for the perks of going to the shows but honestly, it’s the challenge and diversity that keeps me going back time and again… you’ve got to work hard to get ‘the shot’.