Queens Of The Stone Age at Festival Hall

Even if you’re not a Queens Of The Stone Age fan in the traditional sense, I’d be fairly confident that if you heard them being played on the radio, you would be able to recognise a couple of their songs anyway.

When I heard that QOTSA were coming to play at Festival Hall here in Melbourne, I didn’t hesitate in putting my hand up to photograph the show.

Honestly, this band wasn’t even on my radar to shoot, but that didn’t mean I was going to waste this rare opportunity to get some photos of this legendary American rock band.

There were only six of seven of us in the photo pit, and we were all restricted to shooting from the sides of the pit as well.

This happens a bit, so it just means that I had to be a little more selective with the photos I captured so they didn’t all look the same.

Escorted from the venue into the chilly Melbourne night with my three song allocation captured but everyone I have spoken to have said it was a fantastic gig to see.

I’m not surprised at all.

Photographed for HEAVY

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