Luca Brasi at 170 Russell

A couple of nights ago I found myself back at 170 Russell to shoot Luca Brasi for HEAVY Magazine and while it might have started out being a rather quiet night, by the time Luca took to the stage, the place was packed with a lot of very dedicated fans.

Because I picked this gig up last-minute as a fill-in and that basically means that I didn’t really know this artist other than by name, the music he played or the following he has here in Melbourne.

It’s not always a good thing to be familiar with the subject you’re about to photograph in my opinion because you tend to walk into the room with expectations of what’s going to happen and that can lead to laziness.

There’s nothing like a mystery shoot to keep you on your toes and that’s exactly what this show was for me, a very energetic mystery.

Photographed for HEAVY

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