A small selection of my Personal, Promotional & Live photography for you to look through.

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Black Rapid
  • Photos that always stand out among the hundreds of shots & his editorial photos are my first choice for ads in magazines. 

    Phoebe Pinnock - Heaven The Axe
    • A natural ability to pull people into his photos & have them walk away with a ringing in their ears from the howling lead breaks.

      Anthony Moore - Desert Highways
      • Most of us see in black, white & grey. Matt takes what we see & turns it into a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

        Ann-Marie White
        • When you shoot with Matt be prepared for an image you will struggle to find anywhere else.

          Alan Mangled
          • Matt is extremely talented & powerful behind the camera, it was a whirlwind experience that I would be a part of again & again!

            Phoenix Lee Davis
            • A pleasure to shoot with & his professional nature makes him one of my favourite photographers for personal collaboration.

              Demolita Mortier



            About Matt

            At some point around 2006 I picked up a camera to help out at work. Nothing exciting from memory, just a few snaps that needed to be shot for one reason or another but that’s all it took. From that moment on I knew in my heart that I’d found my ‘instrument’ and I simply haven’t put it down since.

            Taking photos of people is what I enjoy the most. Being able to capture that human connection, the emotion or the soul is the most humbling of tasks and I have spent years watching and waiting with my camera at the ready. Portraits are definitely what I enjoy taking photos of but capturing live music, that is my passion.

            It’s my opinion, this is the toughest kind of work you can do with a camera and this is just one reason why I love doing it so much. There are steep learning curves and there’s no excuses, you’ve got to work hard to get ‘the shot’. It’s these challenges and the diversity that keeps me going back time and time again.

            I want to merge my love for art and design into the photos I take to make memorable images and above all else, I hope that what you see when you look at my work is my passion for making photos with a visual impact.


            Clients & Friends

            Many thanks to all of these businesses, publications and people for their continued support.

            Heavy Magazine